Azienda Agricola Pianale

Pianale Farm

The Pianale farm cultivates its land in lavender, corn and other forages; numerous animals are raised according to animal welfare rules. Productions are characterized by little mechanization and with modern interpretation of ancient knowledge.

Guests can be involved in farm activities, learn how to milk cows, visit the apiary, and participate in growing vegetables in the rich vegetable garden. The Pianale farm is not meant to be a re-presentation of the agricultural past but is a proposal for a sustainable and viable present.

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Farm animals

Piedmontese beef cattle

Milk cows

Laying and ornamental hens

Belgian hare breed rabbits


Ducks and other poultry

I prodotti dell’azienda agricola

Pianale’s lavender

Lavender officinalis is grown, which undergoes steam extraction of the essential oil on the farm. Our lavender contains no camphor and can be used in food. It flavors many of our sweet and savory dishes, and a highly prized KM 0 ice cream is produced by the Gina ice cream shop in Sassello. Lavender essential oil and lavender hydrolate can be purchased from the farm, and bunches and bags of flowers are packaged on request for potpourri.


During the lactation period we produce and administer low-temperature pasteurized milk, which characterizes breakfast for our guests. Dairy products are created in our modern dairy.


Depending on the blooming periods, different is the honey produced by our bees: acacia, millefiori, chestnut. Each honey is scented by the presence of lavender flowers, in which our bees permanently reside. It is possible to buy jars of honey at the farm.

The prized meat of Piedmontese Fassona

Meat dishes are fed to our guests from the calves that are raised on the farm. The Fassona Piemontese breed, a highly prized Italian meat that is characterized by leanness and famous for raw preparations, is raised predominantly.


Fruits and vegatables

Seasonal vegetables and fruits produced by the Pianale farm are always available, jams and sauces are made to accompany boiled meats or cheese tasting.

Eggs from happy hens

Our hens are raised outdoors, free to walk around all day, producing eggs of extraordinary quality, which can be enjoyed at breakfast or in restaurant dishes. Frittate are always available for trekking-loving guests who wish to have a picnic meal.

Are you interested in our products or our animals?


Via Bella 4
17046 Sassello (SV)
Liguria, Italy
+39 339 469 0121

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